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Company Profile  


        Xiamen Xiashing Motor was founded in 1992 as a joint venture by the Ching Feng Group's Sanyang Motor and Xiamen National Asset Investment Co. as a speicalized motorcycle production company. It is the only motorcycle manufacturing plant in Xiamen , as well as one of the key development projects in the Fujien province. To date, the venture's total investment value has exceeded USD 60 million. In May 2000, Sanyang Motor Taiwan paid USD 21 million to acquire the entire shareholding of Xiashing Motor held by the Ching Feng Group. Sine then, Sanyang Motor Taiwan has officially become the parent plant and holding company of Xiashing, and placed the development of Xiashing in an even better position.

        Xiashing Motor stands by the corporate culture of "Integrity, Vibrancy and Innovation" and inherits the essence of Sanyang Motor Taiwan's fifty years of growth. And with the strength in technical ability, product ability and service ability from Sanyang Motor Taiwan, Xiashing has grown exponentially in production and sales since commencing production in November 1995. Currently, it has released the gear shifting ChungHwa series, Wolf series, Aventis series and police motorcycle series, scooter Attila series, Wind series, Han Jung series and national vehicle series amongst 30 series/models. The company obtained ISO9002 international quality certification in December 1997, and the ChungHwa ZH125 model has also been awarded the premium grade product on three occasions by the National Quality Agency.

         With the excellent and reliable performance, attractive and modern styling, Xiashing products have already won a place in the fiercely competitive motorcycle market and in the hearts of numerous consumers.

        Xiashing Motor follows the motto of "Quality First, Customer Satisfaction" to assure product quality. The implementation of "No acceptance, no manufacturing and no leakage of defects" 3 NOs policy has ensured the high quality of Xiashing products. At the same time, the streamlined "3S" marketing system that has integrated "sales, spare parts and service" takes the improvement of customer satisfaction as the goal to assist distributors in reaching sales targets and creating sales profit at the same time.

        Now, Xiashing Motor is geared up for further expansion. Its solid foundation in professional manufacturing skills and leading technologies will serve as a strong backdrop for meeting the challenges ahead. The new plant standing on more than 400,000 square meters of land has already completed the first phase of the construction project to enable production rate up to 120,000 units a year. And the construction of the plant will soon be completed in schedule. In future, Xiashing Motor will keep on reinforcing those distinctive characteristics of technology and quality belonging to the company, and manufacture products locally in meeting the needs of customers and provide ultimate customer satisfaction.



         Xiamen Xiashing Motorcycle Co.,Ltd, as a subsidiary of Sangyang Industry Co., Ltd. supported by the abundant researching, developing, manufacturing, and exporting experiences from Taiwan Sanyang.
Xiamen Xiashing Motorcycle is a large-scaled and strong corporation equipped with independent and cutting-edged R&D technology, including modeling, designing, prototype making and verifying. Further more, rich experiences and technique are furnished to deal with various regulations of different countries all over the world.

        Professional and punctilious technical inspectors, advanced inspecting and testing equipments, strict and careful quality control, and prompt after-sale services bring up world level quality of Xiashing.
As a renowned international brand, Xiamen Xiashing Motorcycle owns rich experiences in OEM/ODM. Xiashing is capable of offering well-rounded services, including design, manufacturing, as well as overseas marketing service. Xiashing devotes itself into satisfying customers’ needs and bringing brand-new experiences to a quality life.

        Our Vision: Being the fastest growing and market-oriented motor-vehicle manufacturer in every country we serve.